I work with technically & intellectually brilliant entrepreneurs who aren't achieving results.
I help them solve the leadership and people issues that are frustrating their happiness & success. 

Author, speaker, coach and consultant,
Steve Armstrong helps Leaders - like you - achieve your goals by leading..

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    Speaking Programs


    Steve is an expert at developing followers into leaders and building dedicated and loyal teams by providing leadership advice and skills. If you would like Steve to be a quest speaker for your Leadership and/or Business related Podcast, please contact him here.

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    Individual & Organizational Coaching

    Steve works with you to get the best out of their employees, reduce turnover and achieve their targets.

    His coaching is designed to assist leaders in prioritizing their work, deciding when & how to decide and clearly communicate what you, as the leader, are trying to achieve. Steve provides honest, frank and confidential conversations to ensure you are aligned with your organization’s mission & objectives and your people are working towards your goals.

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    Meet Steve



    From Iqaluit to Sri Lanka, Europe to Africa, SARS to September 11, Steve has been there & done that and brings to your team the lessons gained from a world of experience.

    Steve has worked with people like you and has dealt with the dangers of allocating parking spaces and replacing coffee makers; worked on and for Boards; been a municipal administrator and operated large businesses.


Meet Steve Armstrong

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  • 4 Stars: A great read for the fledgling, aspiring, and experienced leader alike - Tracie Moore
    5 Stars: Powerful book with simple steps to success as a leader!
    5 Stars: Succinct and powerful
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    4 Stars: Great Little Book for Leaders

    This is a very inspiring little book on leadership with great nuggets that when used have the potential to make a big impact. This book is great for those in a leadership role and those aspiring to a leadership role, and is applicable to for profit and non-profit organizations. "You Can't Lead from Behind" is one of the books I will keep on my reference shelf to be pulled out when I get stuck or need inspiration.

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    5 Stars: Don't be fooled by the small package - Hugh Culver

    This little gem is a fast read that could change, long-term, your leadership results. Armstrong and succinctly captured what any leader needs to address and stirred it with his personal reflections. "You can't lead from behind" covers the basics for praise, reprimands, morale, courage, and loyalty. More importantly, it's a call to arms for any leader that wants to do more, get more, and inspire more people.

    Don't be fooled by the small package - "You can't lead from behind" packs a punch.


  • 5 Stars: A Little Book That Packs A Big Punch -
    4 Stars: Great Little Book for Leaders
    5 Stars: This book could your HANDBOOK ON LEADERSHIP -

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